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Phlebotomy Technicians are trained to perform venipunctures on patients. A phlebotomist draws blood from all sorts of patients whose blood may be needed for a multitude of reasons.
You will be trained to:

  • Effectively draw blood using different techniques needed in a hospital setting.
  • Communicating to patients about the procedure you will be performing. You will evaluate which type of draw technique is best suitable for the patient.
  • Send the blood collection samples to the appropriate department with proper labeling.

Five-Week Phlebotomy Training

We have flexible class schedules. We offer weekday and weekend classes during the day 10 am to 2 pm and evening 5:30 pm to 9 pm

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Step 3: Tuition and Fees Broken Down

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Tuition: $750 (includes lab fees and textbooks!)
Application Fee: $175 (includes scrubs, course materials and equipment) $25 off for same day registration applicants
Background check fee: $25
Initial deposit: $250 + $200 = $450
*$250 applies to saving your seat in the class and will be credited towards tuition amount. The other $200 goes towards paying for the application fee, scrubs, and background check.

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